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If you want to log to Windows Event Viewer you need to first create the EventLog and source. You can do this in C# or PowerShell. I’ve used LinqPad on the server before (run as administrator), but PowerShell can do the same thing. You could then run this as a script. I haven’t used PowerShell a lot, but it was a good experience using it.


Create the Event Log with source

new-eventlog -logname MyLogMaybeYourCompanyName -source MyApplicationName

Write to the Event Log to test

write-eventlog -logname MyLogMaybeYourCompanyName -source MyApplicationName-entrytype Information -message "TestMessage from PowerShell" -eventid 3001

Get the entries in the Event Log

you don’t have to open Event Viewer.

get-eventLog -LogName MyLogMaybeYourCompanyName -source MyApplicationName

Remove the Source from the Event Log

remove-eventlog -source MyApplicationName



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