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Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

I was playing with my new Android phone and all was working fine. I was asked to upgrade the firmware and I did so like an obedient child. Went ahead to restart my phone and then suddenly my play store stopped working. The error message is shows is "No Connection - Retry". The error message is quite misleading as it appears that Google Services are down. I tried to search for Google News to get a hint of that. Tried to sync my account, but that didn't worked either and the error message says there is a problem with sync service and unable to connect.

I tried to Google(Search) for the little google problem I had with my phone and there were a lot of fixes provided. I tried all of them but nothing seemed to work. Tried to restart the phone multiple times but nothing worked. After restart, all it says was "Google Play has stopped" and "Google Play Services has stopped".

Taking a clue from one of the posts which suggested to clear out the cache for Google Play, I tried to clear out the Cache for Google Play Services instead. Steps are pretty straight forward, if you are already an Android User:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Apps or application manager
3. Scroll for the Preloaded tab (or anything similar)
4. Click on Google Play
5. Click "Clear  Cache"
6. Click on Google Play Services
7. Click "Clear  Cache"

and that's it...Voila !!!

My app store worked like a charm again...

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# re: Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

My play store services serve a retry error service prblm so i want that my play store service for solve thanku
6/15/2015 11:51 AM | pankaj

# re: Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

Play store downloading apps "no" download
7/7/2015 11:26 PM | velmurugan

# re: Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

sir my problum is playstore not open and " “No Connection – Retry” same this message show on display i m all trip and tricks but not solve my problum so kindely help me my mobile model is samsung s3 t999l i hope reply me soon and fix my problum thanks
10/7/2015 7:20 PM | Mustansar

# re: Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

Play store no so connection error show father show OK
10/22/2015 7:26 PM | Vedratan

# re: Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

Play store is working but any app not download in play store please resolve this problem
12/25/2015 2:21 AM | Ibrahimmahathi
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