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Well, that was a very strong statement but atleast DLINQ won the Weekly Poll. The poll started a week ago (duh weekly poll) in which I asked "Which ORM framework would you prefer?". The choices includes DLINQ, NHibernate, Active Record, SubSonic and few other ORM frameworks. DLINQ collected 48 votes while NHiberate was second with 36 votes. In case you are wondering where the poll was held, it was held on GridViewGuy. So, let's talk more about the results of the poll.

Why DLINQ won? 

I think the main reason is it is a Microsoft Product. We have seen the same result when MS ASP.NET AJAX won the poll. Then it is easy to use. With the inclusion of the design time mapping of classes it becomes even more easier. You don't have to write code to map your classes to your databases simply drag and drop and it is done. I also think that with DLINQ Microsoft is going towards RAD strategy. I came to this conclusion since it is pretty hard to create a layered application using DLINQ. You basically have to copy and paste the code from the auto-generated file to your custom classes and make DTO objects. Here is one article that talks about Enterprise Architecture Using DLINQ.

Let's hope DLINQ stays above our expectation in the future.

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