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Just came back from the Houston .NET User Group meeting. If I can define the whole experience in one word then it would be FUN. My presentation started at 6:45 PM. There were close to 100 people at the presentation. I wanted to start the presentation with a joke so I came up with the following first slide:



That worked well as the ice breaker. Off course, I had to make it clear that this presentation is highly code base and consist of total 5-6 slides. I covered the following topics in the presentation:

1) Introduction to LINQ

2) Introduction to LINQ to SQL

3) Deferred Query Execution

5) Joins

6) Grouping

7) Data Load Options

8) Gothas

The presentation went over 1 hour and the audience liked it very much since I was not showing slides but coding live at the spot. During the presentation I said that LINQ to SQL is mainly used for Rapid Application Development and it would be very hard to create Enterprise Applications with LINQ to SQL. My point was that Enterprise Applications are normally layered applications. You can layer your application using LINQ to SQL it is just too tedious. I also pointed out that if you have large number of tables in the database then it would be hard to use LINQ to SQL. The main problem comes from the developer point of view and not from LINQ to SQL point of view. The more tables you have the more relationships you have and the LINQ to SQL designer will become slow and sluggish. LINQ to SQL can handle all the tables you want the question is can a developer feel comfortable looking at 50 tables in a designer?. Also, LINQ to SQL designer currently has some issues like not picking up the default values and not able to refresh if the schema changes. I am sure this technology will improve over time.   

All in all I had lots of fun. I thank everyone for coming to the presentation and hopefully I will present on some other topic very soon.

PS: My wife sneaked into the presentation and took some pictures. They are pretty blurry and out of focus but anyways!

PS+: I will upload the sample code on this blog entry so stay tuned!

tn_Presentation 013

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Great Presentation
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