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“Can we heat our daughter’s room with it?”, was what my wife asked when I told her I was going to build a Vibrobot.  No – sorry.  But as I child I loved Legos and electronic kits.  Probably because I never had any.  But why should that stop me now.  So here is a cool project for you.  Build a solar powered robot.  Ok, so it’s not a “real” thinking robot, but it is self contained and cool none the less.   I saw this cool program called Make Magazine on TV and they were putting together these Vibrobots.  A company called Solarbotics out of Canada can help with the parts, including the 1381 Symet Solar engine.  It has some cool electronics, and reminds me of the movie I saw about the guy who invented intermittent wipers.  So the solar cell loads  up a capacitor, a diode (1381?) trips and sends the stored electricity to the motor (cell phone vibrator) and then closes back down when voltage drops allowing the capacitor to load up again.  It’s a great little novelty as there is not much to it and clearly no battery.  Plus it may just sit on the kitchen table for a spell before it decides to move, catching unsuspecting guests off guard.

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