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TFS 2010 - SPS 2010 MOSS Web Part Connection Refresh Failure

"Refresh Error" dialog displays on Team Project portal MOSS web parts.

There are several variations of refresh errors. Here is one instance:

"An error ocurred while accessing application id tfs from Secure Store Service. The following contents failed to refresh: TfsOlapReport"

Error dialog on each MOSS web part
NOTE: this is for a Team Project portal where the TFS 2010 application tier, data tier and SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition are running on separate machines.
One or more problems may be contributing to this issue. These include incorrect configuration of:

  1. The SharePoint Server 2010 Excel Services Application settings
  2. The Secure Store Service ID settings for SharePoint Server 2010 Excel Services Application
  3. The TFS Excel Report file connection authentication settings
  4. TFS SQL Server Analysis Services permissions

There are many other possible problems. However, some of the referenced material here does provide a broader scope of guidance and may be helpful.

  1. Review the configuration settings for the SharePoint Server 2010 Excel Services Application settings. The post by Jermy Jameson may be helpful. Also, the path of the trusted file location may need to include the TFS portal site restriction path. This forum posting may be helpful.
  2. Review the configuration settings for the SharePoint Server 2010 SSS ID settings. The post by Jon Tsao may be helpful.

    UPDATE: On a subsequent integration I found that the TFS 2010/SharePoint Server (MOSS) Integration Utility had set up the credential fields for the Secure Store Target Application as "UserName" and "Password." This may have worked on prior integrations with other SharePoint servers. However, for this integration it resulted in causing "Event 7557 (Secure Store Service) of severity Error" errors. It also appears to have caused (though it doesn't make obvious sense) "Event 7493 Secure Store Service" errors that report "The Microsoft Secure Store Service application Secure Store Service failed to retrieve credentials." I was able to fix this by deleting the SSS ID created by the utility and manually creating one with the exact same parameters except I took the default credential fields values (as shown in Jon Tsao's blog) of "WindowsUserName" and "WindowsPassword." Then everything worked (I didn't get the access error dialog displayed above).

  3. Review the TFS Excel Report file connection authentication settings. The post by Chris Adams may be helpful.
  4. Review the TFS SQL Server Analysis Services permissions. This forum posting may be helpful

You will want to refresh the TFS Data Warehouse on demand so you can see the impact of any changes you make. This post shows how to do that.

When the integration is working properly you should never get any error dialogs and the web parts should display data without having to modify their Excel Report file.
NOTE: you may need to configure the trust settings of your local installation of Excel so that report data will more easily display when you open the file. Open Excel locally. Click the File tab and select options. Select Trust Center and click the Trust Center Settings button. Add the trusted location (same as provided to the Excel Services Application trusted file location) and enable other options as needed so that report data will easily display.

Best wishes, Bob :)

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