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Replacing the Team Foundation Server 2010 Data Tier – Unsuccessful

We needed to swap out the DB box. Our DB box runs SQL Server, SSRS and SSAS. The AT is on its own box and SharePoint is on its own box.

NOTE: I will update the blog post per resolution of the issue :)

The Microsoft procedure I used was:

Restore Data to a Different Server or Instance
  1. Setup new DB box with WS08 R2 with all updates applied.
  2. Installed SQL SQL 2008 R2 on new DB box (same version as on the old DB box).
  3. Took TFS offline.
  4. Disabled the transaction backup job from existing backup plan (runs every 15 minutes).
  5. Did a full backup using TFS PT backup wizard.
  6. Took an image of the AT server.
  7. Restored to the new DB box using the TFS PT restore wizard. I had to first rename the default report server DBs on the new DB box as they were created by the SQL Server install.
  8. Change the Database in Reporting Services Configuration Manager, which required that I Redirect Reporting Services to Connect to a Different Server.
    1. Regarding the connection, the only thing I had to select here was the ReportServer database name
    2. Regarding the identity update, The correct domain account was already specified and in use. For good measure, I changed it to the Network Service account. I did not get prompted to backup the  symmetric key. Then I changed it back to the domain account. I did not get prompted to backup the symmetric key here as well.  error: SSRS service wouldn’t start.
      1. The event error I got was “Report Server Windows Service (MSSQLSERVER) has not been granted access to the catalog content.”
      2. I had to switch back to the Network Service account and had to manually go and restore the key from the old DB box.
      3. I then backed up the key. Then changed back to the domain account. This time I did get prompted to create a new key which I did and saved on the new DB box.
    3. Redirect the Data Source to the Database for Analysis Services
  9. Prepare SQL Server for Team Foundation Server. This worked fine, but I did open the command prompt using “Run as administrator.”
  10. Change the Ownership of the Restored Databases. error: –The command“TFSConfig Accounts /ResetOwner  /SQLInstance: ServerName /DatabaseName:DatabaseName”failedwith error ”Unable to find any compatible SQL Analysis Services database within the specified instance.”  The reason: The analysis DB was not restored! Because it is not backed up by the TFS PT Backup wizard!  The fix is to manually backup the TFS_Analysis DB and manually restore it to the new DB box. It doesn’t need to be in-sync because it will be destroyed and rebuilt anyway. Then rerun the TFSConfig Accounts /ResetOwner command. It worked for me.
  11. I skipped the “Redirect Team Foundation Server to Remote Collection Databases” section because my collection, configuration, SSRS and SSAS are all on the same box.
  12. Update All Service Accounts.
    1. The procedure for starting ReportServer and SQL Server Reporting Services is nonsense. Use the “Reporting Services Configuration Manager” to start ReportServer. It was already started for me. Use “SQL Server Configuration Manager” to start SQL Server Reporting Services.
    2. I used the TFSConfig Accounts /add command for Account Type Application Tier, Reporting Data source and Admin Console (be sure to change the services accounts appropriately.
  13. Register the Location of the Restored Databases. I was not restoring the application tier and so completed this step. No problem.
  14. Configure Reporting and Analysis Services. Step 5 in the procedure says “Select the Use Report Server checkbox.”  The checkbox label is actually “Use Reports.” error:– in step 22,
    1. The procedure is wrong when it says “On the report server…” it should say “on the application tier server…”
    2. Error: the URL to bring up the Warehouse Control Service fails and returns an HTTP 503 error. The URL is: http://localhost:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx  Well, this was pretty frustrating and there was not much on the Internet for this. BUT, it turned out all I needed to do was start the TFS application pools in IIS on the application tier server.The pools are: “Microsoft Team Foundation Server Application Pool” and “…Web Access Application Pool.”
    3. In the end I was getting access errors to the analysis DB and the Warehouse Control Web Service would simply not return the page when attempting to invoke ProcessWarehouse. So, I reverted back to the old DB box by restoring my AT box. Then I found some lingering issues where the Excel Reports on the SharePoint server had their connection string updated to use the new DB box. It seems TFS is correcting this now. I ran a diagnostic (BPA) and everything came out OK.  

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