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Microsoft Test Manager–Test Cases Not in a Test Plan

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 provided support for system testing. Test cases were added as a work item type. But test plans and suites are not work items and this greatly limits the visibility into the management of test artifacts.  For example, there is no easy way out-of-the-box to find test cases that don’t belong to a test plan.

Here’s the SQL that creates a list of test cases providing the test case:

  • ID
  • Title
  • State
  • Assigned To
  • Area Path
  • Iteration Path
  • Plan and Suite Path

You can use the output to identify what test cases are in what plan and suite; and more to the point, which test cases are not in a plan.

Using the Amrein SQL Viewer Web Part you can easily throw this up as a web part on the project portal site where users can globally access, sort and filter the data.

SELECT tco.System_Id as ID
,tco.System_Title as Title
,tco.System_State as State
,ISNULL(p.Name,'null') as Assigned
,tco.AreaPath as Area
,tco.IterationPath as Iteration
,ISNULL(s.SuitePath,'null') as 'Plan'
FROM Tfs_01Warehouse.dbo.vDimTestCaseOverlay tco inner join Tfs_01Warehouse.dbo.DimPerson p
ON tco.System_AssignedTo__PersonSK=p.PersonSK left outer join Tfs_{collection DB}.dbo.tbl_SuiteEntry se ON tco.System_Id=se.TestCaseId left outer join Tfs_01Warehouse.dbo.vDimTestSuiteOverlay s
ON se.SuiteId=s.TestSuiteID
WHERE tco.TeamProjectSK={#} /* team project */
ORDER BY tco.System_Id DESC

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