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Making Agile Work on Large, Complex Projects

Our TFS Austin User Group hosted this presentation last month given by Mike Haze, Director of Product Management for Volusion.  It was one of the best meetings we’ve had.  Here’s the abstract and a link to the recording of the meeting.

Recording Link: 

Presentation: Making Agile Work on Large, Complex Projects

There is a widely accepted myth that extremely complex software platforms, committed delivery schedules, large development teams, and dynamic business environments are in direct opposition to agile development processes and tools and if your product / project fall into one of these categories you will struggle with fully embracing agile methodologies. This is simply not the case, you can fully adopt and leverage an agile methodology through out the full product lifecycle, gaining all the advantages and leverage the tools your teams are already using today and are tightly integrated into the development process. We will explore how Volusion is currently leveraging TFS throughout the complete product lifecycle and discuss some of the key challenges and successes that we've experienced along the way.


Mike Haze is the Director of Product Management at Volusion. Mike holds a number of patents including "System and method for migration of digital assets" and "System and method for self-provisioning of virtual images." Beginning his career as a Software Developer, Mike has served as a Product Experience Strategist for Dell and the Director of Product Development and Innovation for Dun and Bradstreet.

Volusion is a leading e-commerce software development company based in Austin with $12B in merchant sales worldwide, over 40,000 online stores and over 450 employees. Volusion has won the Austin Business Journal's award for Best Places to Work for 2012 and 2013.

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