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As a data practitioner and BI person I am always looking for ways to present my data more visually appealing and yet easy to share. With the advance of the internet technologies and the introduction of the HTML5 standard in particular it became increasingly easier to create sophisticated,professionally looking single page websites rich in content delivering insights in realtime.

Responsive Web Design by Example book met my expectations in my attempts to grasp with and build some foundation to delivering 21st Century web experience to my users. This relatively long book for beginners is actually covering a lot of ground. From setting your web development shop tools to embarking on enterprise grade Foundation Framework which is used by the most prominent companies, to using Koala and compiled CSS.

The journey though was not without some small hiccups where bower would not function on my Ubuntu ( provides the workaround), nevertheless, going through the book was pure fun. Thoriq does provide excellent support to his readers. The tools selection was tasteful and carefully chosen. The reader will build several stunning websites the author calls simple (well for me it was pure art).

The most important aspects of the book I realize are the old IE polyfills and the use of Koala, the second most important item would be minimized/compressed JavaScript libraries and then LESS (CSS enhancers). The book also covers all the needed nuances to when it comes to building portable/mobile device friendly web sites, this is a must nowadays to account for small viewports. Bower, NodeJS are covered, but I would take courage to say not deep enough, but hey it is a beginner’s book, besides, Packt has a number of books on the latter. Let me stress that out: I suggest extra reading on NodeJS because it is the cornerstone of many single page web applications.

The book does not stop at implementing the basics, but shows how to extend a framework. I suggest the reader should concentrate on the Foundation Framework the most because out of all it looks like being the most likely used at your next project or be in demand on the market.

Good book for those starting in the enterprise web development.

Excellent job Thoriq and Packt Publishing, I am giving this book a 5 out of 5!

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