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R High Performance Programming is probably a unique book in terms of the material covered, I just have not see yet to date a book that is dedicated to increasing the computational capacity of the R language.

And I need to state frankly, since R has left the academic circles a long time ago and now is being used more and more in applications involving the Big Data calibre of projects a developer or an R user needs to understand its limitations and perhaps even be able to shrug off some misconceptions that surface on and off about the R’s Big Data suitability.

This book will make you prepared to cope with those who encroach on R’s capability to process petabytes of data. Bedsides, since the authors have a very broad outlook on the technologies and succeeded to cover very difficult topics in simple terms this book actually is of an asset to any software developer, using any language on any platform

What do you need for this book: preferably a *NIX based 64 bit machine capable enough to run a Virtual Machine with an NVIDIA GPU. An Amazon EWS account. Eclipse R Add on (R Studio was cited as storing object state). A Windows user will be able to learn as much, but some of the libraries covered in the book (just a few) were not ported to Windows at the time of my reading.

Aloysius and William cover the code execution benchmarking techniques at the beginning very well and then make you embark on wonderful journey to exploring an array of CRAN packages, third party tools and frameworks, the book includes the use of Hadoop, PostgreSQL, MonetDB (vertical data store), Pivotal SciDB, and more so you will not be limited to a narrow subset of tools to use under your belt, it will be something like dirking from the firehose!

I read this book in one breath, it is was just that a fascinating journey. I now think I need to come back, and read several chapters of immense interest to me: code pre-compilation (just so easy to take advantage of), the FF, dplyr and BigMemory package (just take advantage of somebody giving you a hand). I will experiment with at least one database, perhaps MonetDB as being at fingertips reach.

If I had a small complaint that would be for the absence of the statistical visualizations code – I just would like to benchmark my own improvements.

All in all, it is a fantastic book, thank you Aloysius and William! A very timely release Packt!

My verdict, is it a superb reading!

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