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So, first off, I’m by no means a mobile developer.  I’ve played around with some samples here and there, but I have not built anything significant to date.  So I’m not that familiar with the publishing process for iPhone, Android and WP7 applications.

OK, with that out of the way, I will say that I am an owner of 2 WP7 devices (one for me, and one for my wife).  We both like them a lot, think the UI is great and intuitive, and like how the device is laid out.  Honestly, when I go back to my iPod Touch device, I find it a bit clunky compared to the WP7 devices.

I have about the same number of apps on both devices – my iPod Touch has a few more financial and personal applications than my WP7 device does because of the sheer number of more apps in the App Store.  But I have a good number of apps that exist on both platforms (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, IMDB, Evernote, etc.) and I think a good number of them look and perform better on the WP7 device.

But what bothers me is that the activity in the App Store dwarfs the activity in the WP7 Marketplace.  The apps on my iPod Touch seem to have updates every week or so – updates that provide fixes and functionality.  The apps from the WP7 Marketplace are few and far between, and usually don’t provide a lot of functionality.  Granted, this is not scientific – but more of an informal observation.

But what this tells me is that companies aren’t investing a lot in WP7 applications.  Looking through the WP7 Marketplace, while there are a large number of apps, there aren’t a lot of “professional” applications.  There’s no E-Trade, Schwab or an app for my personal bank; few productivity apps that are free; and just a bunch of odd apps scattered throughout the marketplace.  My guess is that a lot of developers are building apps for personal gain; but few companies are building apps.

All of this makes me concerned for the future of WP7.  I think it’s a great OS that has a lot of potential, but I’m afraid that it’s going to be a niche OS at best.  I think Microsoft should pay attention to some of the items in this blog post about how they can get the WP7 out there.  If they don’t react and try to improve the reach of WP7, I think Microsoft’s future in the mobile space is over.

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