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A few years back when OneNote first came out I gave it a try.  I was excited by it's features but it was lacking one major feature, the ability to link between pages in wiki style.

With the release of OneNote 2007, this was one of the promoted features and one that I most looked forward to.  Another feature I was looking forward to was the ability to integrate with Sharepoint to share documents.

Upon installing and trying OneNote, I was very pleased with it's interface and the ability to link documents with Sharepoint, up until I asked a colleague to try it out.   He visited sharepoint and tried to view a document which prompted him to download onenote.  This seemed quite bizarre that sharepoint, if integrated with Onenote, wouldn't have some kind of built in viewer so I went hunting for one.  It turns out that Microsoft has no intention of releasing a viewer for onenote and suggest that you download the trial.

To me, this seems incredibly rediculus as I was about to try to convince my entire organization to take on one-note and sharepoint for our document management and this one issue will likely be the stopping point for being able to convince anyone to take it on.

Why does Sharepoint not have an integrated ability to view OneNote files?  I know you can upload HTML from OneNote, but this is only one page at a time which seems pointless.

Also, why would MS intentionally not release a viewer?  

Might as well just stick with a traditional wiki because at least anyone with a web browser can view it.

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I'm the GPM for the OneNote team. I'm sorry for your disappointment and understand your pain on this one. Really this is a case of a still youthful and innovative app having to make some hard trade offs in how we invest time and resources. The lack of a viewer (where we fall back to using trial) is because a slimmed down viewer that removes redundant code turns out to be quite a lot of work. And the trial version actually does work fine as a viewer, indefinitely. So that was a hard trade off that we made given our other priorities.

As to the general scenario you describe though, this is definitely something we're keenly tuned into, so stay tuned for the future...

Left by David Rasmussen on May 21, 2007 6:33 PM

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Here is another month's worth of community comments! Please keep them coming and thanks! My school gave
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