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The DataReader provides forward, read-only access to the data read from the database. It provides no mechanisms for randomly accessing the data.

A DataAdapter, along with a DataTable or DataSet, provides random access to data. In addition, the data can be changed in the DataTable or DataSet, and the DataAdapter can be used to update the data in the database.

Of the two access methods, the DataReader is the lightest and fastest and is preferable when you need to only read the data, as reflected in the results we show for our sample application in. in an example reads 10KB and 100KB records from a SQL Server database table containing 500KB rows. The table contains five columns, of which three are retrieved in the query. The data indicates that using a DataAdapter is anywhere from 3868% slower than using a DataReader.
Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 5:38 PM , Interview Question , c# | Back to top

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