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We had planned for a day long trip on 31st of December quite a few days before, but the problem was choosing a spot. Some spots were too far to get back in time while some other nearer tourist spots had nothing to grab us for a full long day. Frustration about choosing a suitable place came to such a place , such that the whole plan was almost called off. It was when I recalled a place which I had visited almost 10-12 years ago during my school days . It is our own Botanical Garden. Fortunately for us it was a spot which met all our perquisites. As usual it was our group of  5 friends with my cousin brother adding to the group this time. Long story short, we reached the Botanical Garden at around 12.45 pm. And all of us were expecting to spend a great day ahead.

            The great Banyan Tree was the attraction to start off with . Its trilling , not only to see , but also to hear that this tree is 250 years old. The walk through the trees was beautiful…. However the rest experience was not so good. There are hardly any maps or guides in the park , which could help us locate where we were. I remembered there was a beautiful Cactus House , when I visited earlier. This time around it  was locked , and looking by the state of the lock it seemed that it was there for pretty long time.

To add to our ill experiences , we saw that the park was an ideal spot for people making nuisance anywhere. Also the tree were mostly unknown as there were from different countries , but very rarely we could find a small green board hanging giving some small information about the tree. So most of them were just unknown trees to us. Walking though an unmanned alleyway in park we cam to an deserted building , right on the banks of the river Hoogly.  All of us were unanimous in saying that , with care and perspective, this building can be made as a beautiful resort in the whole park area. Long story short, it was evening and we had covered a lot of  the park’s area, knew very little about trees, but saw some  beautiful sites and scenes of the unmaintained park.  It’s very sad to say that may be by the time I’ll visit to this park next time (may be 5-6 yrs later) it will be only a skeleton of the original park as it was once before, and we will loose one of Asia’s best Botanical Gardens. Though we spent the whole day enjoying , but could help having these feelings..




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