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Enable Transparent data encryption on SQL Server IaaS with Azure Key vault

SQL Azure has TDE enabled by default, recently there was a requirement for me to enable TDE for a SQL IaaS box and the below link was found helpful.

Azure Blobs Vs Azure Files wrt Azure Search

Azure Documentation on the difference covers pretty much everything except the details on Azure Search search.

Azure search can index only Azure Blob and not Azure Files, if you move Local Shared folder content into Azure Files - you need to be sure that the intention is to use it with a SMB connection 

Accessing internet from Azure VM not working - Solution Below

I built an Azure Virtual network with one VM being a Domain Controller and few other VMs being SharePoint 2013 related Servers. When I logged in to any of my Virtual Machine Windows Servers running on this virtual network, I was unable to open web sites from internet. Missing Microsoft external DNS server was the root cause. while creating the virtual network i opted to go with my domain controller rather than the MS public DNS, hence the problem.You can edit the Virtual Network, under the configure ......