BizTalk: Pipeline component - a symbol preprocessor

I created the pipeline component:

This BizTalk 2004 pipeline component works as a symbol preprocessor. (It should work to 2006 with small changes.)
I use it for EDI preprocessing.
It can change the control symbols, can use the RegExes.
Look to the comments inside the Configuration file to details.

Only development-time setup for this component is to fill in the path to the Configuration file.
In runtime it is managed by this Configuration file.

As a matter of fact I have to use the symbol preprocessor each time I work with EDI in BizTalk 2006 R2.

Please, Let me know is this component is helpfull for you or not.

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# re: BizTalk: Pipeline component - a symbol preprocessor

left by Evan at 9/15/2009 6:16 AM Gravatar
Would it be possible to send me a test script that you would use for this section. I can't seem to nail down what you use for RegEX. Thanks

private static string nodeSimpleReplace_XPath = @"//SimpleReplaces/SimpleReplace";
private static string nodeRegEx_XPath = @"//RegExs/RegEx";
private static string nodeSearch_XPath = @"/Search";
private static string nodeReplaceTo_XPath = @"/ReplaceTo";
private static XmlDocument configXmlDocument = new XmlDocument();
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