BizTalk FILE adapter mask is a prefix

It seems like the file mask we can enter into the File Mask textbox in a BizTalk FILE port configuration is a prefix.  I entered a mask that is "fix_*.txt" and the port is picking up everything with that prefix.  I had quite a few files with .txt[datetimestamp] in the folder and everything was picked up, created quite a havoc.

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# re: BizTalk FILE adapter mask is a prefix

Left by Venu at 1/30/2014 5:15 AM
Gravatar I think then that's incorrect, it should only pick file with prefix as "fix_" and extension ".txt".

I have a similar situation where even I mention file mask as "*.xls", receive location is pulling even "*.xlsx" file.

Do you have any more information for this behavior?


# re: BizTalk FILE adapter mask is a prefix

Left by LifeLongTechie at 1/31/2014 12:19 PM
Gravatar That was my thought, too. I wonder if in the backend it's automatically attaching a % in its search. Unfortunately, I currently don't have a BizTalk Dev environment to figure this out.

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