Windows Azure Blob Notes

Notes from Windows Azure Boot Camp:


  • Metadata, not searchable, must loop through to check
  • Block Blob, 200GB limit
    Page Block, 1TB limit
  • Upload block blob
    PutBlock (bloblName, blockId1, block1Bits)
    PutBlock (blobName, blockId2, block2Bits)
    PutBlock (n...)
    PutBlockList(blobName, blockId1, blockId2, ..., blockIdN)

    Currently no data validation
  • Page Block
    Random Read/Write
    Work with random chunks (so can work with smaller chunks, but can over-write data)
  • Container has extra security
    Shared Access Policy
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    For example, Windows update, video streaming
    Eample: upload a public blob container, public URL, when request comes, it goes to Edge Node; Edge node download it from Public Blob Container and re-route the content.  A timer is set; when second request comes, edge node will check for version.

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