Add a smart playlist in iTune for all unplayed podcasts

In my forever personal battle on which MP3/MP4 player to use, iTune is now getting a leg up.  I still don't use iTune as the primary player on desktop because it doesn't have a mini player mode for video podcast, but this feature I found is great and puts iTune back on top as the better mobile player, one I would use as portable media player (I still prefer to use Zune player on my desktop)

I have got tired of listening to a 3-4 minute podcast, switch to other screens to do work, then switch back so that I can listen to the next one.  I wanted something like a playlist, which can update itself (kick out the played podcast and add in the new ones).  I couldn't find any solution for Zune, but found one in iTune.

Here are the steps:

  • In iTune, go to Sidebar.
  • Click on the big + button at the bottom left (shown in screenshot)
  • Select "New Smart Playlist"
  • Add in the criteria:
    • Plays is 0 (unplayed)
    • Media Kind is Podcast
  • Click "Live updating"

And you have a smart, self-updating playlist for unplayed podcast.

P.S. Question, are we still calling these things MP3 players?

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