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#stldodn #dodn14 last session for me: LINQ

The constant struggle between # lines of code versus performance. Every session I’ve heard about why we should use LING, is about how many lines of code we reduced. On the flip side, I always hear from talks of performance why we shouldn’t be using LINQ. This seems to be the same struggle we have in SQL, using MERGE and CTE doesn’t give you performance gain, but makes the code more maintainable. But the talk is very good. I learned what deferred execution is. If the result is iEnumerable or iQueryable, ......

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Enterprise Library for Windows Azure with Autoscaling

Hurray for the Enterprise Library developers!  Always a big fan of your work.

Watch the video here:

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Windows Azure Tables notes

Notes from camp: CreateCloudTableClient() CreateIfNotExists DeleteIfExists CreateTable Create Partition Key (don't use identity key as partition key) Create Row Key, must be unique per PartitionKey Use a lightweight copy to improve performance Use "batching" to increase performance, and also save money by reducing the number of transaction For example, ???Context.SaveChanges(Save... Queries Over 30 second is cancelled result > 1000, a continuation ......

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Code Certificate

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Starting PowerShell learning process

Today I start learning powershell, maybe 2 years too late!

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Parallel programming in Visual Studio

Not much experience with these products yet.


Not free:


For SSIS, this looks very interesting:



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What is the advantage of WCF

I knew the basic idea of WCF and how to build one, but could never win an argument on why it is better than a web service.

Thanks for Christopher Roberts of Oakwood Systems Group Inc. sending me this link.  I can answer that question much better now.

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Convert GridViewRows into a DataTable to edit data in ASP .NET

I recently ran into a business problem that I can't find any sample code online. I think I worked out a tolerable solution. The business scenario is this: All rows retrieve from the database must be in edit mode, but only some fields should be in edit mode, not all. Editing one row at a time is out of the question. User might make changes and THEN want to sort the grid. Any user input needs to be preserved. Have to use .NET control that come out of the box with Visual Studio due to maintenance concerns. ......

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Using BizTalk to bridge SQL Job and Human Intervention (Requesting Permission)

I start off the process with either a BizTalk Scheduler (http://biztalkscheduledtas... or a manual file drop of the XML message. The manual file drop is to allow the SQL Job to call a "File Copy" SSIS step to copy the trigger file for the next process and allows SQL Job to be linked back into BizTalk processing. The Process Trigger XML looks like the following. It is basically the configuration hub of the business process <ns0:MsgSchedulerTrigger... xmlns:ns0="urn:com:something ......

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Using SSIS to send a HTML E-Mail Message with built-in table of Counts.

For the record, this can be just as easily done with a .NET class with a DLL call. The two major reasons for this ending up as a SSIS package are: There are a lot of SQL resources in the organization for maintenance, but not as many .NET developers. There is an existing automated process that links up SQL Jobs (more on that in the next post), and this is part of that process. To start, this is what the SSIS looks like: The first part of the control flow is just for the override scenario. In the Execute ......

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