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Hyper-V Manager version 6.2, an experience in virtual switch setup

The version number of Hyper-V manager is 6.2.9200.16384 This is what came with my Windows 8 work laptop (by enabling Windows features) The blogs I read indicated that I need an external switch for my guest OS to access internet, and an internal one for them to share folder with my Host OS. I proceeded to create an external virtual switch, and here is the screenshot. After setting up the network adapters on the guest OS, I peeked into host OS networking, and saw that Network Bridge was already created. ......

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Missing feature in Hyper-V from Virtual PC

One thing I really miss is the ability to create shared folder between host and guest. Virtual PC does this well, you can create Shared Folder to be used every time, or just this one. I have read some posts on how to do this. Some people suggest using ISO Creator to package up the files and mount the image to DVD drive, but what I need is truly a "shared" environment, so I'm currently looking into creating Virtual switch and creating an internal network between the host and guest. Let's see how that ......

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To Virtual or Not to Virtual

I recently made a comment "I hate everything virtual" while responding to a SQL server performance question. I then promptly fired up my Hyper-V development environment to do my proof of concept stuff, and realized that I made the cardinal sin of making a generalized comment about something, instead of saying "It depends". The bottom line is if the virtual environment gives the throughput that the server needs, then it is not that big of a deal. I just have seen so many environment set up with SQL ......

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Windows Virtual PC vs. Hyper-V Virtual Machines vs. Windows Virtual PC after XPMode installation Advantages and Disadvantages

Hyper-V Virtual Machines Advantage: 64-bit support dynamic memory allocation multi-core CPU Can install Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and later Disadvantage: Can't get sound to work on those machines yet [Updated 2011-05-05] This is disappointing, but I guess it fits most people's requirement as most people don't use Hyper-V for personal development environment. Guess I'll just have to set up those machines for remote connect. ......

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