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Virtual PC VHD resize

This just shows I'm not an infrastructure specialist. I was very proud when I hooked up my old Intel Core 2 Quad computer with 4 SATA drives, then put up my 2 virtual machines with 3 VHD using 3 separate drives. The performance was OK, but then my drives started dying and I had to start moving VHD back to the OS drive. The performance quickly deteriorated. As a rule, all my virtual machines have undo-disk turned on, and I decided having 6 files running at the same time (3 to read and 3 to read/write) ......

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New Microsoft Virtual PC, does it support 64-bit guess OS?

I've been a long time Microsoft Virtual PC user. When Win 7 came out, I was very disappointed that Virtual PC 2007 didn't support Win 7 in the guest OS. And when Win 8 came out, I was even more disappointed with Virtual PC because I saw how Win 8 with Hyper-V is so much better than the old VPC 2007 technology.What prevented me from upgrading at the time was knowing that Technet is going away. I couldn't afford MSDN on a yearly basis, so I wasn't going to need a hyper-V environment anymore. So all ......

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