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So I finally went out got the IPhone and love it so much.  I ended up not killing At&t and getting it an entire day early without getting charged.  I downloaded  a ton of different applications for music and tweeting and such.  There some things I don't quite like, but will deal with as time progresses and get used to the quirks:

For example, I must have really big fingers and continuously hit the wrong buttons.  It drives me insane, but it is still far superior to text messaging on my horrible old Razr VXXX.  It still beats the Razr battery life by ten fold.  I ran music for two days and various apps and it took me quite a while to kill the battery.  So moving on with the other things that really irritate me ever so slightly.  Nothing else really...Honestly, there are some sticking issues, but it only happens occasionally.

It is so weird to go from two devices to one whole new device with shiny colors and features.  I feel like I have upgraded from the Dark Ages.  I am the use things forever type, so I ran that Razr into the ground.  I haven't run my old brick of an IPod into the ground yet.  It's old school 3rd or 4th gen click wheel without any color.  Seeing the album covers is so bizarre.  It's like being in a whole new world.  Being able to scroll through the album covers like on Itunes is amazing.  I haven't tried the video out yet, but I am itching to check out some video podcasts.  I was so envious of Johnny (my boyfriend) for the past year with his Touch.  He would show me all these awesome videos and I couldn't do that on my old IPod.  Overall I give it an A rating.

Now getting to the weirdness factor...I was looking for a good Jewish Application for the holidays and kept stumbling upon this Siddur Application.  Eventually, I googled HebCal for the IPhone and find this guy RustyBrick or Barry Schwartz's Blog.  I'm wondering how do I remember this guy's name he seems so familiar.  Then I remember about this:  This guy was the first ever to propose to someone via Search Engine.  Even more of a coincidence he proposed to one of my elementary school classmates, Yisha Tversky.  I always thought life was full of coincidences and the world was very small.  It feels very small.  How often do you run into this kind of stuff?  Well you guys all know i'm a Twitter Nut, so I had to look him up and follow him on Twitter.  I have also sent in a pending request to be a Facebook friend.  His blog is going on my Omea Reader list.  I might also purchase his program too, because it looks so cool.  Who wouldn't want to own the Aleinu in an application?  Anyway, that is all the insanity I will give you guys for today.  I hope you all are having a nice weekend.  It's pretty here in Kansas and tomorrow I get my wireless instruments for Rockband 2.

Btw, I have decided to give away my second copy of Rockband 2 at the KC Day of Dot Net.  If I am feeling really nice I might throw in my old instruments if whoever wins does not have them.

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Posted on Saturday, October 18, 2008 5:34 PM Personal , Life, The Universe, and Everything | Back to top

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# re: IPhone Siddur Application Weirdness
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Nice to meet you! Oh, the Siddur is well worth the $10. ;-)
Left by Barry Schwartz on Oct 18, 2008 7:47 PM

# re: IPhone Siddur Application Weirdness
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Love following you on Twitterberry. You're so intelligent, and always on the go!
Good luck with that Apple door stop. You wouldn't have a prob with the typing if you'd gotten Blackberry Bold. LoL!!!
Be well, Lance
Left by Lance on Oct 18, 2008 11:46 PM

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