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I didn’t really try Windows 8 in the consumer preview or the technical preview, but I tend to shy away from beta software.  The only experience I had with the OS prior to today was through someone else’s tablet and on a tablet it’s very sexy.  So once RTM was going to hit on MSDN I decided I would try a desktop upgrade on my massively beefy system.  Here are some of my first impressions:

  • I feel like metro is geared too much towards devices.  It’s a sexy interface for phones and tablets, but it doesn’t feel right on my computer at all. 
  • Search driven applications is easy to use.  I like how in metro I can search for anything I want, unfortunately they have changed the name of some of my normal options for changing settings.  I am a little overwhelmed and disoriented right now.  I need to do some more exploring, because control panel and device manager were a bit hard to find.  It’s now under settings and I think before it was really hardware manager or some other name.
  • It feels weird that I can’t click on the start menu.  There was a ton of great right clicking options available quickly that I will need to search for using there new names.  I have a lot of overhead and this is not easy for end users in general.  If I was not technologically savvy I would be incredibly frustrated right now.
  • Aero glass interface is gone and they have replaced it with something uglier and nastier.  I cannot look up at the top of my screens without feeling like gagging.  I am not a designer, but it seriously looks like a 12 year old designed the padding around the interface.  The transparency is not as beautiful as Windows 7 or Vista.  I really cannot wait until someone creates a 3rd party module to fix this issue.

Right now these are some of my first impressions and irritations.  Also, remember just because your driver seems to work it may not be 100% working.  I thought my NVIDIA drivers were working, but I could not right click on the desktop and hit the personalization features.  I especially do not like the annoying buttons that pop up on the right of my screen.  They seem like things I will accidentally click while in a game like Diablo III.  I do not like the little start menu option at the left bottom corner.  It’s another option that will mess up my games.  The operating system does not seem conducive to anyone working with a lot of technical programs or gamers, but I think if they fixed some interface issues it has potential.  It looks amazing on devices, but I am using a full on desktop.  I want to throw up some SharePoint servers and I am worried I will click a few of these excess areas.  I might find a way to mod the OS and turn a few items off and fix the interface.  I never have modded any of my OSes in the past, but I feel like this one needs incredible amounts of work.  In some ways I feel like I am using two disjoint versions of an operating system: Metro and Desktop…I might get used to the OS, but it’s really not quite there for me yet.  I feel a little terrible, because I even liked Vista better.  I can safely say I hate it less than Windows ME.  It might grow on me over time who knows.

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Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2012 12:58 AM | Back to top

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It will be interesting to look back on these comments after using win8 for a few weeks. I've been using win8 exclusively as my primary machine and would not go back to Win 7. Biggest tip is to learn the keyboard shortcuts. There is a way to get to most of the touch and mouse functions with one of these key combinations.
Left by Rich Ross on Aug 17, 2012 4:29 PM

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