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Another day gone by looking into F#. Today I thought I would ramble on about lists and arrays in F#. Coming from a C# background I barely ever use arrays now days in my C# code – why you may ask – because I find lists generally handle most of the business scenario’s that I come across.

So it has been an interesting experience with me keep bumping into Array’s & Lists in F# and I wondered why the frequency of coming across arrays was so much more in this language than in C#.

Take for instance the code I stumbled across today.

let rng = new Random()
let shuffle (array : 'a array) = 
    let n = array.Length
    for x in 1..n do
        let i = n-x
        let j = rng.Next(i+1)
        let tmp = array.[i]
        array.[i] <- array.[j]
        array.[j] <- tmp


Quite simply its purpose is to “shuffle” an array of items. So I thought, why does it have the “a’ array'” explicitly declared? What if I changed it to a list? Well… as I was about to find out there are some subtle differences between array’s & lists in F# that do not exist in C#. Namely, mutability.

A list in F# is an ordered, immutable series of elements of the same type, while an array is a fixed-size zero based, mutable collection of consecutive data elements that are all of the same type.

For me the keyword is immutable vs mutable collection. That’s why I could not simply swap the ‘a array with ‘a list in my function header because then later on in the code the syntax would not be valid where I “swap” item positions.

i.e. array.[i] <- array.[j] would be invalid because if it was a list, it would be immutable and so couldn’t change by its very definition..

So where does that leave me? It’s to early days to say. I don’t know what the balance will be in future code – will I typically always use lists or arrays or even have a balance, but time will tell.

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# re: F# – Immutable List vs a Mutable Collection in Arrays
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Remember that a list is a linked-list, and an array is, as you say, consecutively allocated. So it's not just that the list is immutable, it's that if
list.[i] <- x
were allowed, it would be O(n) for every operation - you'd have to scan the list every time for the ith element.
The fact that List is immutable is actually good, because it stops you from writing code that would be slower than you'd expect.
Left by MBR on Jun 07, 2010 4:45 AM

# re: F# – Immutable List vs a Mutable Collection in Arrays
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Hey MBR... thanks so much for the input. I never even considered that... great point!
Left by Mark on Jun 07, 2010 6:45 AM

# re: F# – Immutable List vs a Mutable Collection in Arrays
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So does the MBR's suggestion work. Does it solve the problem?
Left by Haber Arşivi on Feb 22, 2011 12:02 PM

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