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So today, I had to bite the bullet and realise that certain modules in my app. will only work online. Online and connected, able to see a server.... This meant I had to move away from pulling oData good stuff away from Core Data and just deal with the data that arrived by making a URL request. So this is interesting, first this feels slow. I had to put up iOS views with spinners... (never good). With offline, you can just presume stuff is there. Secondly you have to marshall data types on the fly. Bringing stuff in via core data, means you validate a date is a date, and a bool is a bool. So I'm getting there a couple of forms built and all appears to be working. I've had to build cliche little 'we could not get data from the server messages', but apart from that all good. Working with Swift feels that this is an alien world too. We're getting there....
posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 12:35 PM