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So I'm finally here in Boston.  Had a pretty easygoing day.  Left Winnipeg around noon to fly down to Chicago.  On the flight I was sitting next to a guy who up until a year or so ago owned a company that produced the electronic voting technology used for the elections in the states (his company was  bought by Diebold).  Pretty interesting conversation, we were chatting about all the technology that goes into those machines to satisfy the anal american voting public.  Lots of checks and balances, the stuff they do to accomodate the blind was pretty interesting.

I happened to be on the same flights as Joel Semeniuk from Imaginets (  We grabbed some lunch in Chicago and he did his best to burst my Tech-Ed bubble.  Despite his best efforts I'm still pumped to check out some of these sessions this week.  Joel's hosting a Team System Birds of a Feather session sometime during the week, I don't know if I had that on my list, but Joel always puts on a good show so I'll probably try and make it to that.

On my flight from Chicago to Boston I was seated next to Richard Waymire (, an architect from the Data Dude team (Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals).  We had a really interesting chat about their new product, and he actually hauled out the lap top and gave me a demo right on the flight. Before meeting the guy I had some vague plan that I might check out a session on Data Dude if I had time.  After talking with Richard I'm actually pretty psyched about the product and definately going to take in one or more sessions on it.  Richard is presenting one of the sessions on Tuesday I think, so I'll probably try and make it to at least that one.  We also had a good talk about development methodologies, specifically SCRUM.  SCRUM is something I'm interested in using in my group, so I think when I get back to Wpg I'll order a couple books that Richard is going to recommend.

I made a suggestion to Richard, that I hope he'll pass on to the powers that be, that they should make the Hands-on labs available over the internet.  They could just use the same tech they use for like Virtual Server where you basically remote into a computer through a web browser interface (activex control).  If they did that I don't need to use up valuable tech-ed time trying out the HOL's if I could just do them whenever over the net.

I checked into my hotel then headed out for some supper/drinks with Joel and a couple EDS guys.  It was a good time, even though D'arcy kept checking out all the dudes in the place.

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I would just like to clarify that I, D'Arcy from Winnipeg, is still in Winnipeg. Contrary to popular belief, we do have enough people in Canada to accomodate one name being assigned to more than one person.

Therefore, it was not THIS D'Arcy that "kept checking out all the dudes in the place"

Just wanted to clarify...

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jun 10, 2006 9:11 PM

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