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I just picked up a new PC on the weekend, and along with it a copy of WoW.  I wanted to play this game the day it came out, but unfortunately my PC at the time was a little underpowered.

The only MMORPG I've played in the past was Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).  In there I had a lvl 50 (max lvl) tank, and a maxed out armor crafter (really really hard in that game).

I'm on Duskwood - Alliance.  My character right now is a human warrior called Optikal.  I hear that Jeff and John, the owners of geekswithblogs are also on there and have started a guild.  So if either of you guys are reading, I'm looking for a good guild.  I have your characters in my friends list, if I spot you online I'll ping you.  If anybody else reading this is a player, say hi if you see me online.

I've only been playing a couple of days, but I have a few observations about the game.  Inevitably I'm comparing it to DAOC since that is my only experience to date in this genre of games. 

  • So far I notice you lvl MUCH quicker in WoW (I'm only lvl 12, this opinion may change).  In DAOC, the amount of xp'ing I've done would probably only get me to lvl 5 or so.
  • Grouping doesn't seem nearly as streamlined/popular in WoW.  DAOC had a dedicated interface that you could use to signal you were looking for extra group members and what type.  Then any players in the area could lookup what groups were going and what classes they were looking for.  WoW only appears to have the chat channel for talking about groups, and it looks like it's server wide, so lots of spam and mostly high level groups.  Which brings me to the next point, I haven't yet seen a single group during my hunting.  In DAOC you could pretty much find groups as soon as you hit lvl 7 or so.  Maybe this has something to do with the lvl'ing going by so much quicker in WoW, who knows.
  • On a related note, I haven't seen or heard of any low lvl dungeons.  In DAOC I mentioned people started grouping around lvl 7, this is because it was around that level you were capable of hunting in one of the low lvl dungeons.
  • A VERY frustrating thing is when fighting multiple mobs, I kill the first one and my tank goes out of attack mode.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  Then I gotta scramble to get the next target and stick my guy back in attack mode.  Sometimes it's not clear for a second or two if I'm in or out of attack mode.  This should just be automatic.  In DAOC you remained in attack mode and automatically started attacking any other enemies that were attacking you.
  • DAOC had a /stick command that you could use for melee combat and it worked as you would expect, your character just stayed stuck to the enemy and followed them around.  It could be that without a /stick it makes melee more skillful, which could be a good thing, I guess I just need to get used to it.
  • Death is much less of a penalty in WoW.  In DAOC death meant losing something like 5-10% of the XP gained so far this level, and you had resurrection sickness for 5-10 minutes afterward where you were at about half strength. I like the smaller penalty, but I could see it resulting in alot more deaths.  In DAOC if you knew what you were doing you could go for days if not weeks without a death in PvE.  I don't have enough game time yet to know, but with the almost non-existant death penalty, I imagine deaths will be more frequent in WoW. Maybe this is a good thing, I don't know yet.
  • I like the talent trees in WoW better than DAOC.  In DAOC you had talent groups like you do in WoW, but you just spend your points on the group, not on specific abilities.  For example, when you hit lvl 40 you get 40 talent points to spend.  If your polearm skill is at lvl 39, then it will cost all 40 points to move it up to lvl 40.  If your shield and crossbow talents are both at lvl 19, then you could spend your 40 points to lvl them both up to 20.  You then get the talent specific abilities at specific levels.  For instance, when you get your polearm talent to lvl's 5, 12, 19, 22, 25, 33, etc you get specific abilities.  I like the ability tree's in WoW better where it gives you more control over what abilities you are interested in.  In DAOC, you had the situation where you may lvl up a talent to 41, just to get the lvl 41 ability even if you didn't care about all the others you would be getting from the earlier levels in that talent.
  • The trade skills in WoW seem much more mature than in DAOC.  In DAOC it was lots and lots of boring work to max out your trade skill (and insane amounts of cash).  I was an Armor Crafter in DAOC, and I can't remember how high it went, but I think it was somewhere around 800 that it maxed out.  WoW skills max out at 300, and not only that, the skill points appear MUCH MUCH easier to attain.  Getting a high level crafter in DAOC was literally hell on earth.  The other way to look at that though is that if a maxxed out crafter is so much easier to get in WoW, they may not be as big a deal.  In DAOC there were literally only a handful (about 5-6) armorcrafters on my entire server that could make the high-level armor.  So it was very impressive for somebody to be able to get that high.  But back to what I like about the WoW tradeskills.  Some of the tradeskills allow you to specialize, for instance I'm doing blacksmithing, and later I will be able to specialize to weaponcrafting or armorcrafting, then after that (if I choose weapons) I can specialize further into sword, axes, etc.  And the mechanic where you have to find or buy the high-level plans is really cool.  And also that some of the high-level plans require special drops that people have to do raids to find (I think this is how it works) is even cooler.  In DAOC all the ingredients were store-bought.  This is also because DAOC didn't have the gathering skills like Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, etc.  These are really really cool too, and gets more of the playerbase involved in the crafting game.
  • The other thing that is by far the coolest thing that WoW has that DAOC doesn't is the auction house (AH).  What an awesome idea.  It makes the economy SOOO much more fun.  I spent all of last night just buying and selling stuff on the AH, and I multiplied my cash by 10.  Not only that, but it allows people to focus on just the gathering skills and sell their mats to the crafters via the AH.  And crafters can then sell their goods in the AH.  In DAOC the only way crafters could sell their goods was to advertise in the town chat (there was no server wide chat), or in guild chat.  Which meant that you were pretty much only selling while you were logged on and sitting in the main city.  For the lvl 50 crafted goods, people could look up on the game web page which crafters were capable of producing that armor and then send them a /tell, but there was no good way to sell lower level wares.  Again, the Auction House is just awesome in this regard.
  • I'm looking forward to trying out the battlegrounds in WoW.  DAOC had battlegrounds, but they were just a big free-for-all.  You stand on the portal to the battleground and every 10 minutes everybody waiting gets teleported over.  It's not instanced (DAOC didn't have instancing for anything), and the battleground is shared between all three realms, with each realm having its own keep they teleport into.  Once you get there it's just a big free-for-all, with the goal of getting as many enemy kills as possible (you got points for PvP kills that you could use to buy special abilities).  You could choose to form a party or go out solo.  There was a keep in the middle of the battleground which was contested, and if you got together a big enough group you could do a raid to try and steal control of it (this was practice for the end-game PvP which was based around this keep stealing idea).  It sounds like the WoW battlegrounds are a little more organized, with special objectives in each one (capture the flag), and they make sure both sides are evenly matched.  Sounds like a blast.
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I too have a character on the Duskwood server. I will add you to my friends list when the server comes back up.
Left by Joseph Calhoon on Aug 22, 2006 11:34 AM

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dude ur dumb daoc has an "auction house" its called housing
Left by sda on Jul 31, 2008 4:32 AM

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