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So I thought I would  change the name of my machine so that the other devs can find the TFS server easily.

TFS 2005 would use the cool cmd line util tfsadminutil.....alas he is now gone

HERE Are the steps to complete

Edit the web.config and is usually located on default install

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Application Tier\Web Services\web.config

<add key="applicationDatabase" value="Data Source=JUSTIN\SQLI01;Initial Catalog=Tfs_Configuration;Integrated Security=True;" />

Next step is to edit previous Solutions/Projects

1) Open the Solution file i.e ProductApp.sln

2) Edit the SccTeamFoundationServer URL under Global section i.e Change this to new name


If you have DB server on same machine will need to go in and remove existing db user account assigned to the tfs DB

Remove old [%machine_name%] value i.e Tuned_Dev_PC_12\Justin user from the above DBs

No add the new Justin\Justin user account associated with the new machine name to the TFS & Reporing dbs ... dbo or the TFSADMIN & TFSEXEC roles either will do in this case. (or add both )

Now either ReApply user or add New account (remove old account i.e Tuned_Dev_PC_12\justin)

If DB permisions are setup correctyly you will get a screen that looks like this


If it pauses or gets stuck you need to look back at the adding correct DB Perms to the i.e JUSTIN\Justin user account

Also if your project is still complaining about old TFS name

1) Team\Connect new Team Foundation Server

2) Add\Remove TFS

3) Add New TFS Name

 Once you have connected to the new TFS server

Reload your project from TFS..this way it removes a lot of the bugs that hang around in the local project\solution

This is similar to a VSS2005 and older fix


( eta about 20-30 mins so weigh up the the need vs payoff. )

Shutdown restart



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