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Windows 10 – Looking for updated HP drivers

Decided to check that my HP Compaq Elite 8300 at work had all the latest drivers and updates on it for Windows 10.

The network card NDIS driver has now become unreliable with the latest Insider Preview (10565) and Hyper-V just wouldn’t play nicely with networking.

So I downloaded and installed the HP Support Assistant:



Clicking “Check for updates and messages” didn’t work even though I can still happily browse the Internet for content:



Maybe this is a side-effect of the current networking/Hyper-V problem so I removed the Hyper-V network adapter – bingo, the Support Assistant can now find the Internet.



Great. “No updates available”.

Weird – the only way to capture text of the Specifications is either with a screenshot or value-by-value through the tedious “Click to copy” method. No “save as” or “print” option. What idiot would design it that way?



Wait – the “About” for HP Support Assistant has a “Check for latest version”.

Even though I’ve just downloaded the Assistant, I’ve now been able to upgrade from to

Ah, NOW we’re in business…



Fingers crossed my current network problems disappear.

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