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For the November PhillyNJ.NET meeting I'll be presenting an early "Proof of Concept" application.


PhillyNJ.NET is a .NET Developer Group meeting in the Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia

Register for this Meeting at

Meeting Date: 11/29/2011 6-8pm

This meeting will be filled with design discussions around the functioning code that will be demonstrated and explained.

Given the two hour meeting time this will be a HIGH level and Low level mix of information on going about designing and building a practical enterprise level service.

This service has several applications of which this presentation will discuss.

  • Automated Excel Report Generation
  • Batch Processing of incoming data from third parties.
  • Automating BackOffice Systems
  • Etc...

A peek at a running service

IF you every asked yourself any of the following questions then this meeting is for you.

  • What is the Open Office XML SDK?
  • Can I use it on a server to create office document?
  • How to use the Repository pattern with a Generic Repository to create a disposable in memory database?
  • What is cool about Extension Methods and why should I use them? 
  • How do you go about developing a Windows Service?
  • What is the FileSystemWatcher and how can I use it even with it quirks?
  • How do I do basic Multi-Threading in an application?

And YES...  The code demonstrated will be made available to everyone.

So come on out and bring your questions. 

It should be educational on all levels and everyone should walk away having learned something and with a few new ideas.

--The Ron

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