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I’m going to PDC 09 – RSVP Promo Code anyone?

Looks like I’m heading to LA.  I’m really excited to be attending the PDC this year.  I went to the PDC in 03 (where they announced WCF, WF, WPF) and it turned my brain to mush by the middle of day two.  ANyone else going?  Anyone like to share a RSVP promo code to save me some $$$?  I’ll buy you a drink or two!


Hope to see you all there!

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# re: I’m going to PDC 09 – RSVP Promo Code anyone?

I believe I will be going this year. A friend of mine was there last year and came with a lot of good stories. I will try to get a RSVP promo code, but my friend says that it is a bit hard to get one.
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