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I am in the midst of style-copping the Irony project for possible use for a VB.NET parsing for StyleCop. I have GhostDoc Pro and a licence for ReSharper.

When I first un-zipped Irony, I compiled it and then run the unit tests - all pased.

I then started the style-cop process. The first step was to put in a Style-Cop compatible copyright header. Initially there were so many style issues that Stylecop stopped after its self-imposed 1000 issue limit. To get round this, StyleCop is run either per file or across just a group of files.

Many of the files contained multiple classes. Resharper has an option to extract a class into its own file. When there is just one class left if the class and file names do no not match, Resharper provides a rename of file to match c;ch clas name. Again lots of copying of headers.

Each file was then initally dcumented by GhostDoc pro (it has a whole file option which the free version does not).

Many "this." had to be added. StyleCop 4.5 is integrated into ReSharper so that the isues can be seen against each line of code.

Gradually the number of issues is coming down. Periodically I still run the unit tests and they still pass.

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