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Stylecop is available is available at This is the StyleCop 4.5 RC8.

"This release includes the very latest StyleCop for ReSharper plugin and will automatically uninstall previous versions of StyleCop.

This updated release contains around 200 bug fixes since the 4.4 RTW release and includes 5 new rules. Support for the async CTP is also added.

SA1125 - UseShorthandForNullableTypes
SA1411 - AttributeConstructorMustNotUseUnnecessaryParenthesis
SA1517 - CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtStartOfFile
SA1518 - CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtEndOfFile
SA1649 - FileHeaderFileNameDocumentationMustMatchTypeName"

StyleCop / Resharper 5.0 integration continues to improve. If you have not yet used them in your C# development, I urge you to try them out. I have found StyleCop 4.5 RC8 (and its RC predecessors) to be stable. Making changes to the code to make it style cop compliant is now very much easier.

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