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Today's 50% off Deal of the Day from O'Reilly is Developer's Guide to Collections in Microsoft® .NET

"Put .NET collections to work—and manage issues with GUI data binding, threading, data querying, and storage. Led by a data collection expert, you'll gain task-oriented guidance, exercises, and extensive code samples to tackle common problems and improve application performance. This one-stop reference is designed for experienced Microsoft Visual Basic® and C# developers—whether you’re already using collections or just starting out."

Book Cover

I am reviewing this book. Here are my initial comments:
The code is well illustrated by diagrams. The approach is practical. The code is well commented, however the C# code samples would be better had they been fully Style Cop compliant.

I am looking forward to reviewing the rest of this excellent book. I recommend this book to all C# and VB.NET Development teams. I concur with the author who states that the book is not for learning C# or VB.NET. It is an excellent book for C# or VB.NET developers to extend their knowledge of the Dot Net framework.
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