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Updated 29th June 2013: Microsoft is now previewing Load Test Service in TFS Service. Please check out more on the official offering by navigating to 

I have recently presented a session on “How you can leverage Azure for Performance Testing” your application. 

It goes without saying that performance testing your application not only gives you the confidence that the application will work under heavy levels of stress but also gives you the ability to test how scalable the architecture of your application is. It is important to know how much is too much for your application! Working with various clients in the industry I have realized that the biggest barrier in Load Testing & Performance Testing adoption is the high infrastructure and administration cost that comes with this phase of testing.

In the session I tried to demonstrate how you can use the power of Windows Azure to effectively abstract the administration cost of infrastructure management and lower the total cost of Load & Performance Testing.

You can view the session presentation here, 


I’ll be adding a video on this subject shortly…

If you have any feedback or further suggestions to add to the goodness of this solution please get in touch.

Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2012 6:54 PM TFS2012 , SDET , Web Performance Testing , Load Testing | Back to top

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