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After speaking in both Boulder and Fort Collins on parallel computing in the past couple weeks, I’m going to have the privilege of speaking in quite a few other places the rest of this month.

Next Monday (Feb 15th), myself and 4 other MVPs will be presenting at the .NET Developers Association in Redmond, WA – we’re in town for the MVP Summit. Four rock star presenters and moi. It will be a touch group to live up to. Ted Neward has also promised to be in the back to heckle, so it ought to be quite a fun time!

On Feb 23rd, I’ll be back in Boulder to present again, this time on extending the Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Edition. This will include a quick tour of the various new modeling tools in the Architecture Edition – that team has done an amazing job of putting value into what was, until now, not a particularly compelling SKU.

February 27th is the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta. Julie Yack has done a great job of organizing this conference again – over 500 devs registered so far. If you’re not on the list already, get over to the site and register. This is too good to miss! Kathleen Dollard and I are co-chairing the beginner’s track, and Ben Hoelting (C# MVP) will be joining us for the presentations. The other tracks are filled with great speakers – Beth Massi, Daniel Egan, David Yack, Steve Lange, Fernando Cardenas, Scott Golightly, Erik Lane… and I’m sure I’ve missed some.

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