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Java has a handy class that retains the order in which map (dictionary in .NET) values can be iterated in the same order they were added called LinkedHashMap.

Ways to iterate (*Coding from memory without compiler = chance for syntax errors: high):

LinkedHashMap<String,String> states = new LinkedHashMap<String,String>();
states.put("AL", "Alabama");
states.put("AK", "Alaska");
for(Map.Entry<String,String> state : states.entrySet()){
  System.out.print("state: " + state.getValue());
  System.out.println(" abbreviation: " + state.getKey());


... while(states.entrySet().iterator().hasNext()){
  System.out.print("state: " + states.entrySet().getValue());
  System.out.println(" abbreviation: " + states.entrySet().getKey());

I discovered the LinkedHashMap thanks to this blog entry (thanks, Nick!):

Other references:

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