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WTF Next? Dev ramblings from a master of nothing.

So, this post is probably more for my personal benefit than for anyone who may read, but I'm just going to highlight the good or bad of 2008 for my personal life and then visit my hopes for 2009.

This year really marked the beginning of my involvement in the .NET community. I consider myself somewhere around a junior level developer, and by giving back to a community that has given so much to me, I know I have grown and learned more than had I just waited for knowledge to come to me.

I got involved with the community thanks to Zain Naboulsi and his talks at the Heroes Happen Here event in Baton Rouge. Before then, I hadn't really heard of user groups, and I didn't realize how the .NET community truly thrived in Baton Rouge. I was also introduced to the Second Life .NET Users Group, and met many interesting and smart people through it.

From the HHH event, my community involvement spiked, and I started The idea behind the website is for me to clarify some of the moments I've had where I was left jilted at the alter of Visual Studio when a tutorial or a book just decided that I didn't need to know more. So, I want to create content that hopefully prevents the "WTF next?" moments for myself and others.

From there, I've just been enjoying getting deeper into development and working on developing the good practices I can extract from others. Here's my list of 2008 milestones:

  • New job working with VB.NET instead of Visual FoxPro 9
  • Created
  • Joined the Second Life .NET Users Group and BRDNUG, ultimately becoming an Island Officer for MS Island and Co-Chair to the website migration committee for the BRDNUG.
  • Took (but sadly did not pass) my first Microsoft certification exam.
  • Implemented source control management at my current job, incrementally improving the work environment.

Here's what I'm hopeful for this year:

  • Pass the 070-536. I've got it scheduled later this month, I'm touching up on what I was insecure in the first time and I'm very hopeful to get it this time.
  • Continue to delve deeper into .NET and learn more about my weak areas. After the framework exam I'm going to focus on ASP.NET development.
  • Keep on the road to passing the Joel Test. As long as I'm here, I'm going to improve this environment for those who might tread after me.
  • Start new open source projects to help my continued learning. I want to make new desktop and web applications and explore aspects of .NET I haven't touched before, but at the same time keep it open for the community's critique and hopeful benefit.
  • Never stop learning, and never stop telling others what might be helpful.

That's all for now. I hope you guys have had an equally rewarding last year, and I hope the best for your upcoming year. This year I'm hoping to make great strides in my career and my ability to develop great apps in .NET.


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