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OMG!!! A PowerSHELL within the bash console!

Saturday, December 21, 2013 1:34 PM

Each year during last days of the calendar year most of corporations enters into change freeze mode. During these days IT pros have to do … nothing J ! This is an example, how these stories usually ends ..

I don't like to wear a hat, especially red, so my favorite penguin is named Ubuntu. I found nice .DEB package named winexe


After the installation we have access to new command, let's test how it works in "practice"

Winexe –interactive=1 –user testdomain/Administrator –password Password1 //scom.testdomain.net cmd.exe
powershell get-service –displayname System*

At this point of time I cannot execute PowerShell directly, perhaps I will need to lower security settings on the Windows box, I have few days to play cats and mice game with it ..

Yes I know it not make any sense. But it is sexy, isn't it?

Happy and silent Christmas with best friends and families! Let be a peace between Linux&Windows, XenDesktop&VMwareView, Hyper-V&ESXi, EMC&NetApp, PowerShell&bash, ASP.NET&PHP … My best wishes to every of You! Let the New Year bring us new challenges, opportunities and a lot of luck in professional and personal lives!


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