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DataSprings Blog Post

Here's a blog post by DataSprings on how to use LINQ to Twitter:  It demonstrates how to authenticate with OAuth and how to use several of the APIs.


Posted On Monday, June 6, 2011 6:32 PM

Is it Hard to Write a Blog?
Responding to a tweet I received, asking if I found it hard to write a blog and keep it interesting. This is one of the situations where a 140 character response doesn’t do a question justice. There’s a lot to think about between the subjects of writing, subject matter, and entertainment. Here’s my take on each of these three topics: There’s all types of writing you can do with various degrees of difficulty. If you’re writing a book and you have a gazillion editors bleeding over your every utterance, ......

Posted On Friday, March 12, 2010 2:17 PM

New Year New Blog
This is a new blog on the first day of the year starting a new decade. The world has changed in the last 10 years and the software development we did in 1999 is much different than the software development we did in 2009. In the same spirit, the next 10 years will see dramatic changes in the way we write software and the platforms that software runs on. Moving from compilers that targeted operating systems to targeting virtual machine platforms as mainstream software engineering was a dramatic change, ......

Posted On Friday, January 1, 2010 8:10 PM

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