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You make me feel brand new:

After keeping this one under my hat for sometime…

Microsoft have announced the plans for BizTalk 2004 2006 R2. It will hit the streets mid-2007.

OK so what do we get: R2 is built on BizTalk 2004 2006, no major changes just adding more services and goodies. These include:

  • Better integration with the whole Office 2007 mega suite
  • RFID –APIs and tighter integration to let third-party vendors tie RFID hardware and software into the platform. It also will include a set of business rules and events management capabilities so RFID events can connect with backend processes.
  • EDI – Microsoft have taken the EDI issue to heart and are now providing the full EDI experience – not sure where that leaves Covast
  • Lots more adapters and accelerators in the box – HL7, Rossettanet ect.
  • WCF adapter in the box
  • BAM for Windows Foundation!
  • Adapter Framework built on WCF allowing Adapters to cross pollen-ate – maybe for use with SSIS

OK, thats the taster….

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