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I’ve had the highs and lows of living with Vista for a week now…

Being of the developer breed and allows having an Administer Account I thought for this exercise I’d go with the flow and have a normal account with access to my Administration functions bubbling under….

Most of the time this is great but then there are those times you want to scream. Today has been one of those and its not 8:00 am yet. As always my Outlook mail box is over quota – happens once a week. So I’ve copied over my archive and now its time to do the business. Up pops the you are not allowed to do this window. Ah ha I can override this with my Admin account details. Process starts and fails. My Admin credentials were good to start the process but not the subsequent archives!

After much delving I discover the problem – when building the beast I copied over my archive files – their owner is now the underlying local admin account – since then I’ve rejoined my companies domain. I know – I thought I’ll simply add my new credentials to the file…for some reason the security window has no knowledge of my company domain account so thats a no go….

Solution: Copy the files over a second time – renaming previous ones (need ‘em for further investigation) of course enduring the numerous dialog boxes in the process!

All works well now….

Watch this space for further info – feel I’m missing something here….

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