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I posted this a few weeks ago:

So decided it was time I did a little homework on this baby. First I read the bumpf, downloaded the SDK. I then watched my old pal from Windows Windows Foundation days, Dennis's video on Channel 9. What could be more followed the instructions :- registered at, associated a beautifully crafted Cardspace card and loaded up the CTP sample code with glee....

And this is where I'm now at!! I follow the instructions for the Echo sample - build both client and server, run them up and bobs your uncle i get the double call for my cardspace card (bug as indicated by Dennis in Vid) and after the second call I get an authentication failure.

So tried re-registering - no good

Tried new card - no good

Tried new account - no good

Ah the joys of CTP's. Watch this space for what I bet is the simple mistake I've made!!!

I've sent out a few emails, searched the forums but still have got no further. Does anyone out there have any success with this???

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2007 4:59 AM | Back to top

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