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  1. You can take screen shots of the phones screen by holding the HOME button and tapping the HOLD/STANDBY button. These will be saved under PICTURES and then CAMERA ROLL.
  2. Holding the HOME button for roughly 6-10 secs will terminate a program from running iif not responding.
  3. Dialling *#06# then calling will bring up our phones IMEI number.
  4. If the '.com' button is present whilst typing, then by pressing and holding down that button, 3 more domain name extensions appear – .edu, .org & .net.
  5. Instead of tapping the '.?123' button & then tapping the symbol you're after, simply press and hold the '.?123' button and drag your finger across to your desired symbol and when you let go, it automatically goes back to the QWERTY keyboard.
  6. If you're after diacritic letters (symbols above certain letters. ie the 'é' in café), then simply hold down that letter and a sub-menu will appear with the additional letters.
  7. Apps downloaded directly from the iPhone's App Store did not appear in iTunes. To get them in iTunes, connect your phone, run iTunes and in the File menu select "Transfer purchases from <your> iPhone".

And from The iPhone Dock

  1. Screenshot- Hold Home button & press top/sleep button. Screen will flash & picture saves to camera Roll.
  2. Save pictures in email & on the web - hold your finger on the picture & it will ask you if you want to save it. Also saves to your Camera Roll.
  3. When typing a web address, hold the “.com” key down & you will also get .net, .edu, .org to choose from.
  4. In Settings, Under Mail, Contact, Calendars, you can now import SIM contacts.
  5. When listening to iPod on an iPhone, if you switch to another iPhone app, DOUBLE-tapping the home button will bring a popup window allowing you to chapter-back or -forward, as well as Pause.
  6. When playing games like super monkey ball, or bomberman, or any other app, and you don’t want to end the game, but you dont want to leave it on to kill your battery? just press the sleep button. Once you slide back in, the screen will be on your app and you won’t lose the last level or IM you were on.
  7. Same as above 5 in first list also works with the shift button and QWERTY. Press and hold shift as you drag to a letter, this capitalizes each letter selected. (Dragging and releasing makes typing so much easier for my fat fingers)
  8. Press and holding a letter on the keyboard allows for the selection of its character accents i.e. press and hold the c button
  9. if you want to create folders for photos or extra playlist, create them on your computer first and add content to them. Then, sync them through iTunes. The important part is that you MUST add content to them, an empty folder/playlist will not appear on the iPhone
  10. Camera Trick for better pictures. a) Press and hold the shutter button
    b) Compose the shot
    c) Release the button
  11. Rearrange your applications
    The iPhone doesn’t just have one home screen – it can be configured to have a number of virtual pages, that you can flick through like the pages of a book. The ability to rearrange the iPhone’s applications was introduced in a previous firmware upgrade.
    To move an application icon, simply hold your finger down on an icon. The icons will then enter a ‘wiggle mode’, I.e. they’ll start to wiggle. You can then drag them around or move them to another home screen page.
  12. Set up favourite contacts
    You can set up a quick-dial list of favourite contacts easily by opening a contact (in Phone – Contacts) and choosing the ‘Add to Favorites’ option.
    For quick access to this list, you can typically double-click the Home button. If this doesn’t work, configure the Home button settings in Settings – General – Home Button.
  13. Use other applications while on a call
    Did you know that you can access the iPhone’s main screen (and all of its applications) while you are on a call? Press the Home button during a phone call to minimise the call screen.
    You can then access your email, Notes, Contacts and browse web (only if connected by Wi-Fi). Tap the green bar at the top of the Home screen to return to the call.
  14. Divert a call to voicemail
    Easy. Press the Sleep/Wake button on the top-edge of your iPhone.
  15. Handy keyboard shortcuts
    The iPhone’s keyboard takes some getting used to. You might start off as a slow, one-fingered typist, but ultimately you’ll be able to knock out notes, emails and texts with surprising speed and accuracy.
    Your greatest ally in this regard is the iPhone’s auto-complete function and integrated dictionary. The iPhone monitors what you type and will suggest potential words as you type them. To discard a suggestion, tap the suggested word.
    There are other handy keyboard shortcuts worth noting. For example, holding your finger over an area of text will activate the keyboard’s magnifying glass, enabling you to easily position the cursor within a word.
    Also, if you hold your finger down on a letter key, the virtual keyboard will show a pop-up of alternative letters – I.e. press your finger on ‘E’ to see a pop-up containing ‘È’, ‘É’, ‘Ê’, ‘Ë’ and ‘?’.
    Finally, you can also double-tap the SHIFT key to enable a CAPS LOCK mode (it turns blue). This isn’t enabled by default, however. You’ll find the option in Settings – General – Keyboard
  16. Change iPod playback options You can change the playback options in the iPhone’s iPod mode by tapping on the track being played – this will allow you to switch between normal play, repeat all and repeat current track
  17. Skip tracks while listening via headphones
    I missed this functionality when I first had my iPhone. You probably know that the microphone capsule on the iPhone’s headphones can be clicked to start/stop music playback. But if you quickly double-click the capsule, you can skip through a playlist without having to get your iPhone out of your pocket.
  18. Better Web browsing in Safari
    There a number of things that you can do to speed up web browsing on the iPhone. For example, if you press your finger on a web link, a grey bubble will pop up showing the link URL.
    Applications on the iPhone are also beautifully interlinked – tap on a phone number on a web page to call it, tap on an email address to jump to the mail program, tap on an address to find it on Google Maps.
    Did you also know that you can tap the status bar (showing the time, battery indicator, etc.) at the top of the screen to scroll back to the top of a page?
    Or that you can type a .com address without typing .com? Or the www? For example, just type ‘techradar’ into the browser’s URL field to go to
    Finally, you might also find it useful to set up RSS subscriptions/bookmarks to sites that display full articles their feeds. RSS loads quickly, reducing the load on your 3G connection and speeding up web access if you’re out of coverage and using EDGE or GPRS.
  19. Delete emails with a swipe
    It’s a little known fact that you can quickly delete a message by swiping your across it from left to right.Turn off data roaming
    If you’re a regular traveler, don’t forget to turn off data roaming when traveling abroad. O2’s iPhone tariffs only include unlimited data access in the UK. You’ll find it in Settings – General – Network.
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