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November 2013 Entries

I constantly try out new and old tools to check out if they can be useful in my daily work. Did you ever wonder where Windows does put the file contents of your just read 200MB file in memory and why reading the same file is almost always faster? The answer to both question is the file system cache. When you look at the performance counters you will find quite a lot cache related counters but when you look at the values they are typically only a few hundred MB but the task manager shows very different ......

Recently I was digging deeper why some WCF hosted workflow application did consume quite a lot of memory although it did basically only load a xaml workflow. The first tool of choice is Process Explorer or even better Process Hacker (has more options and the best feature copy&paste does work). The three most important numbers of a process with regards to memory are Working Set, Private Working Set and Private Bytes. Working set is the currently consumed physical memory (parts can be shared between ......