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It is with some sadness that I write this post as my last for the Redmond Diary blog on the Redmond Developer News and Visual Studio Magazine Web sites.

Eleven days ago, I started a new blog for ZDNet covering Big Data, at  There’s been a ton of interest around Big Data in the industry lately and the topic ties into the database and BI work that I’ve done throughout most of my career.  So when I was asked to write the blog, I really couldn’t say no.  I agreed to write 3 to 4 posts a week at a minimum for Big on Data (the new blog’s name) and that just doesn’t leave me enough time to keep Redmond Diary fresh.  If we kept the latter going with me posting only occasionally, that wouldn’t serve RDN’s and VSM’s readers well, at all.

But I am certainly not going away.  I’ll continue to write my monthly Redmond Review column for both sites, and for VSM’s print edition.  I’ll likely also be doing guest posts on this site every so often.  I’ll proudly continue to co-chair Visual Studio Live! and this year I’ll have a co-chair role in SQL Server Live!, to be held in Orlando this December, as well.  I’ve been working with 1105 and the publications and events it acquired from FTP since 1994, and I have no plan to stop.

My personal blog at will stay up, even if it will be refreshed less frequently. And you can sign up for my own free newsletter on Microsoft topics, either by texting the word bluebadge to 22828 (in the US) or going to and signing up for the list at the upper-right hand corner of any page on the site.

I’ll miss posting here.  But I’m excited to keep learning and writing about Big Data.  How fitting in both cases then, that Microsoft’s Hadoop for Windows technology got me started in this exciting industry area.

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If we kept the latter going with buffet near me chinese me posting only occasionally, that wouldn’t serve RDN’s and VSM’s readers well, at all.
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