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As with any certification one of the hardest things is deciding if and when you are ready to sit the exam. The BizTalk 2006 exam will test you on general BizTalk development, deployment, BAM and business rules and you will have to have quite a bit of real world hands-on experience to get a good score.

If you want to measure up your skills, Quick Learn has a free practice test on their site. The test was developed so that students can assess their skills and see if they have the experience required to take the advanced BizTalk Deep Dive course. The practice test is focused on general development, so you will still need to know about rules, BAM, and deployment and maintenance. But if you get a good score and are fairly comfortable with the other topics, then go for it and take the real exam.

If you feel you need to skill-up, you should consider attending a Deep Dive or Immersion course dependant on your experience. Both courses have been updated to cover the BizTalk 2006 R2 functionality, and the Deep Dive is aimed at getting you up to the required level for the exam. Even if you think you know your stuff you will benefit from a Deep Dive course. I have been teaching BizTalk Deep Dive for over two years now and I still learn a lot from the technical discussions that take place in a class of BizTalk experts over the five days.

The quiz is here.


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