September 2011 Entries

I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, but I'm not sure how excited to get about my social networks influencing my search results?

I think it's good that you can indicate you like something on Facebook as your friends can have a look at the item or choose to ignore it, and I guess it makes sense that if you like something, then some of your friends will like the same thing.

But when I do a Google search, do I *really* want it to show bias towards things my friends have liked? Also, how many clicks does an item have to get before it is seen as noteworthy for others? Isn't the pool going to be too small?

Either way, good or bad, as a reaction to the noise about this stuff I was tasked with adding the +1 button to a site. This was painless enough...the official Google instructions can be found here:

I will now monitor the clicks, but somehow I don't think the count will go up that swiftly!!